Complete installation

Mason's Siding offers expert siding installation on all of our name brand products we sell. Our installers are well trained to do the best quality work over a wide variety of sidings in many different climates and weather conditions.

If you feel you have a special need or look you'd like to achieve on your home our knowledgeable staff combined with our certified installers can make that look a reality.

All of our installations are backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty that is in effect for as long as the original purchaser is in the home.

Many of the products we install are also backed by lifetime warranties and now the installation through Mason's Siding will be backed as well.

Weather its a small cabin or a large custom home you can be sure your siding will endure the windy Alaskan winters and the sunny Alaskan summers giving you peace of mind that your home will look great for many years to come.

Custom Fabrication

Mason's Siding can custom form a variety of different trims to suit your needs. Basic fascias, window & door Z flashing, deck L flashing and garage & entry door trim caps are some of the common items we fabricate.

We can also add custom "V" bends to larger fascias to make them more rigid.

We stock many colors of coil to make the new flashing out of as well as a selection of wood grain PVC coil or smooth poly coil depending on your needs and budget.

All fabrication is costed by the foot per bend in the material and 10' pieces are the longest material we can make in one piece.

If you need something quick that's already made we stock pre-made ribbed aluminum fascia in 6" & 8" in white and brown as well as drip edge and gutter aprons.

DIY advice and Support

Mason's Siding understands that many Alaskan's are the Do-it-yourself types so we offer special services just for you.

We offer full day training sessions on site with the homeowner or new installers to show them how to properly cut and install J-channels around doors and windows, apply starter strips to the proper areas to get started and generally go over the project to ensure the installation is done correctly.

We also have instruction manuals on hand if you'd rather do your installation from a book. Each siding has its own tricks of the trade that need to be considered when doing a first time installation so its best to have some guidance before jumping into a project if you don't have much experience with it.

Other Contracting Services

To compliment our expert installations we also offer our products over the counter to contractors and homeowners who would rather install themselves or who have already selected a contractor to do the siding work for them.

We offer plans take offs as well as on site project measuring and material costs free of charge from Big Lake to Girdwood.

We can obtain almost any style, brand or color of siding manufactured in North America. We do not sell or install compressed wood siding as it does not hold up over time.

Why Choose Mason's Siding & Supply?